A2Z RDSX Pelican Long-Range Delivery Drone

A2Z RDSX Pelican Long-Range Delivery Drone

Here at A to Z our development is not just about maximizing performance it's about creating usable tools tools that by Design can get more work done introducing the all-new rdsx Pelican with 40 kilometer range 5 kilo payload and the max takeoff weight of 55 pounds is the world's first v-tall with no control surfaces and with no servos to.

Maintain the recommended time to overhaul is increased by 10x our rds2 delivery winch system allows deliveries from altitude keeping dangerous props far from people and property we can pick up or deliver any box or bag up to five kilos all while staying well above trees and power lines.

During flight the payload is passively secured to the Drone and remains locked until we arrive on destination with a cruise speed of 45 knots and ability to fly in level 7 wins the rdsx Pelican can Traverse fast landscapes in little time its ability to smoothly transition to.

Hover and power redundancy from its coaxial OCTA configuration makes it the most stable and reliable fixed-wing aircraft for winch delivery deliver farther more safely and efficiently with the all-new rdsx pelican.

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