Drones, smartphones and AI optimize 5G network performance

Drones, smartphones and AI optimize 5G network performance

5g is quickly gathering momentum across the globe with 75 operators having announced the commercial launch of the 5g network more than ever 5g is changing the way we interact with technology as well as people in order to provide users with stable connections and support new and exciting services is important to expand 5g coverage by.

Deploying new base stations effectively however it is equally crucial to perform maintenance checks for base stations that are already in deployment as to guarantee their optimal performance of all the antennas and deployment approximately 10 to 15 percent are out of position by as much as 10 degrees from their intended configurations and.

This is caused by relying of the naked eye to measure angles during installation or by external factors such as natural disasters to resolve such issues samsung has developed a solution that measures antenna installation angles through the use of a smartphone and a drone an engineer on the ground can utilize a smartphone to remotely fly.

A camera equipped drone that captures photos of the antennas installed on a building's rooftop the visual data can be seen through the smartphone and then be transmitted to a cloud server within seconds the deep learning AI solution instantly verifies the azimuth and tilt of the antennas for engineers to determine.

Whether the antennas are installed correctly at predefined optimal angles Samsung will offer operators a simplified way to more efficiently manage cell sights improve employee safety and ultimately optimize network performance

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