How Lancet Drone Works | Exploring Aerial Kamikaze Innovations

How Lancet Drone Works | Exploring Aerial Kamikaze Innovations

Introducing the menacing Lance of drone a powerful asset in coordination with the oralan unmanned aerial vehicle this cutting-edge drone launches from a catapult ensuring seamless surveillance and precise Target designation once deployed the Lancet drone takes on a critical role it loiters or actively searches for the assigned Target ready.

To decisively destroy or disable the enemy threat we will also be looking into the basic step-by-step process of this technology exploring its intricate parts so stay tuned and don't miss a Beat the Lancet 3 is the largest model of the series of loitering weapons sometimes known as suicide or Kamikaze drones.

Developed by the zala group a subdivision of the Kalashnikov but what is the big deal with these drones it's all about the financials as it costs around 20 to 40 thousand dollars to produce them whereas the Kinsel Hypersonic missile can cost around 10 million dollars the bottom line is even when they are destroyed by anti-aircraft.

Fire lithic gapard it can still be produced in larger numbers in a short amount of time let's look at the specifications the Drone has a length of 1.65 meters or 5.24 feet interestingly this drone has two pairs of x-shaped wings mounted at the front and rear of the fuselage and commands a wingspan of one meter if you.

Measure from one tip to another and it weighs around 12 kilograms or 26.4 pounds comparing this to a person will help you understand its size even better let's compare this to the switchblade 600 and the Shaheed Kamikaze drones as you can see the Shaheed is much larger among the two loitering.

Munitions animated in our recent videos before we examine how it works let's look at its parts although the Lancet can be operated by a two-man crew but behind the scene has a number of parts that helps it to operate in the battlefield number one it requires a catapult to launch a drone number two an Orland drone that is.

Responsible for navigation and observation for the Lancet number three a command and control center is required to operate the Orlan as well as the lancetron as data regarding the lancif Drone are still classified let's take a look at the parts as a possible Theory again I repeat this is a possible theory of the.

Engineering behind the Drone at the front of the Drone is the electro Optical guidance systems these cameras acts as a light contrasting edge of the target dark or light against the general background to track and guide itself ensure it acts as a guidance mechanism just behind the guidance system is the Warhead it is the typical kz6 a high.

Explosive circular shape charge used for demolition primarily to penetrate armor and reinforced concrete fortifications moving to the back is the electric powered engine that propels the Drone to the standard speed of 110 kilometers per hour or 68 miles per hour interestingly this drone can operate only for 40 minutes almost similar to.

The switchblade 600. these are the step-by-step process of how this works step Number One Two Soldiers launch a surveillance drone named Orlin using a catapult system step number two the Orland drone tracks and selects targets step number three a soldier unfolds the Lancet drone wings and sets it up for catapult launch step.

Number four the Orlan command and control system transfer data Target to the Lancet drone step number five the Lancet drone switches to its Electro Optical guidance systems as directed by the Orlan command and control center step number six the Lancet drone will dive into the Target and activate the typical kz6 a high explosive circular.

Shape charge used for demolition primarily to penetrate armor and reinforced concrete fortifications let's simplify again through these animations the Orlean command and control system transfers Target data to the lancid drum the Lancet switches to its Electro Optical guidance systems to track its Target it then descends upon the target.

Using its KZ explosives to penetrate light armor more artillery guns or trucks this is how we make original 4K 3D animation from scratch and blender open source software with two animators working on it full time do subscribe and light up the comment sections with your point of views also adding your intelligent feedbacks along.

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