New inspection drone uses wind to lengthen flight times

New inspection drone uses wind to lengthen flight times

Elephant is about infrastructure monitoring and inspection spin-off from epfl that uses drones our drone has the ability to fly hovering in low speed near infrastructure and thus acquire high quality data but then it also can fly for really long ranges compared to standard drones on the market and thus go to the next and.

Next inspection point so here we have Morpho in both its flying configuration the vertical flight configuration and the horizontal flight configuration where it flies as a plane and Morpho thanks to its morphing capability in which it can move each Wing independently has some unique characteristic first of all it can land.

On uneven surfaces what current drones cannot do so it could adapt the angle of its wings to land on different terrains then it can adopt this stable vertical flight configuration at the same time it can continue to move the wings to either reject adverse wind currents or harvest wind energy and move with the flow and the air we are going to start pilot.

Project with different potential customer or collaborators and what is really exciting for us is that we are still at the development stage where we are very very flexible so there is ongoing discussions to see which kind of sensor we are going to fit into the platform to suit best the client needs with our Innovative drone technology.

Customers can get up to 40 percent reduction in costs while also benefiting from a 35 percent decrease of operators Field Time

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