Polestar O2 Autonomous Drone Experience

Polestar O2 Autonomous Drone Experience

In a world increasingly driven by social media the pulsed ro2 features an autonomous cinematic drone integrated behind the rear seats developed in collaboration with air refugees consumer electronics brand hoco flow the concept drone can be deployed while the car is moving to record the perfect driving sequence.

Pole star engineers have developed a specialized aerofoil that raises behind the rear seats to create a calm area of negative pressure that allows the drone to take off when the car is on the move the drone operates autonomously automatically following the car at speeds up to 90 kilometers per hour and the driver can choose between an.

Atmospheric sequence great for a coastline cruise or a more action-filled sequence with a sportier expression after filming the drone can autonomously return to the car video clips can be edited and shared directly from the 15-inch center display when the car is parked.

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