PteroDynamics XP-4 demonstrates high wind test flight.

PteroDynamics XP-4 demonstrates high wind test flight.

Foreign yeah so the xb4 that's been designed as a logistics platform for the Navy that you see right here it's an autonomous platform it goes from point A to point B to deliver an object right now we're looking at improving the way this actual this object is actually used it's fully autonomous at the moment we're adding in.

Additional functionality to operate it from moving objects moving vehicles moving ships and really making it more of an operational tool we have the ability to tune the vehicle design for a more specific flight regime that being an efficient fast cruise and you know we've got the VTOL capability again by nature of the configuration we.

Have the ability to be more resilient to adverse weather conditions vertical gusting and it's a big reason why we're going up the maritime Market it's a really really tough challenging environment landing on the back of a boat foreign.

Dynamics we're a growing company design build care system integration mechanical integration and we also flight test all our aircraft in the Southern Colorado area we have access to some really really great test ranges within 45 minutes of our office here so a really big part of how we're able to do things quickly is our location here we can go.

And build a plane we can roll out the next day and we can go out flying it's an important part of being able to rapidly iterate part of the development process of an airplane is flying and in the end the more you fly the more data you're going to get the more lessons you're going to learn you wrap that rack around into the.

Design and you improve your product so flying is a really really important part of what we do a lot of our Engineers here also Pilots they operate the vehicles that they build thank you

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