thyssenkrupp Marine Systems MUM

thyssenkrupp Marine Systems MUM

Incorporation with its partners to sing Copa marine systems is developing a modular system for an innovative vehicle class to explore and harness the world's oceans mum is unmanned and autonomous due to its unique benefits the new vehicle is ideal for industrial use in offshore energy and maritime security as well as.

In maritime science mum has high availability as it performs on the bottom of the sea without influences of waves and weather mom can be tailored to specific needs it's modular design enables the new vehicle to be customized for each mission variant quantities like fuel can.

Be freely combined with custom mission modules the final system enables even unusual and highly specialized tasks to be performed efficiently possible activities range from payload transportation and operations to research missions and stationary deep-sea tasks mom cares for nature its.

Emission free fuel cell energy system makes the underwater vessel ideal for use in highly ecologically sensitive environments mum is efficient individual modules can be reused permitting a significant reduction in costs and much quicker development cycles transported as standard containers individual modules can be assembled to customize.

Vehicles mop one system multiple configurations new possibilities

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