Модернизированные FPV «дроны-камикадзе» – обладают высокой точностью попадания в цель

Модернизированные FPV «дроны-камикадзе» – обладают высокой точностью попадания в цель

Hello everyone so first of all apologies for the background sound of rain it's lashing it down here so let's take a quick look here Ukraine's fpv drone stock file and it's huge how many fpvs are these well this is 420 fpv drones fpv stands for first person view their quadrupters rigged as Kamikaze Jones and these are publicly funded so a little.

Bit of background Ukraine's Ministry of Defense made a public appeal for donations to buy 1 000 of these the efforts of assembly led by the creela Military Intelligence Division and funding overseen by the charity star life organization there are a few other Charities well I believe which were also raising funds.

For um drones I'm not sure if this is part of the same drone appeal for these ones or if it's different ones I believe it's multiple Charities raising money for multiple types of German these specialized Kamikaze ones have been very effective here's a video of one rigged with an RPG.

Round attacking the BMP now this isn't the only stockpile here's another bunch of 100 about ready for combat so Ukraine clearly does have a lot of ease now the technical details are a bit vague I've seen mentioned ranges of just two kilometers to over 10 kilometers so the answers range is valancet I think there are different variants of.

These quadruptors being produced and used which is why there's a bit of a variation in the ranges given now of course we see videos of these being used successfully but it's important to know we only see these successful attacks we don't have any idea of how many of these are launched and failed to reach a Target whether.

Intercepted or suffering Communications problems or just plain missing likewise we don't know how many years to attack one vehicle whether we send just one fpv drone or whether it's a swarm with multiple of ease to overwhelm air defenses so Ukraine needs as many of these as possible and judging by these videos and bear in mind this is just two.

Videos of two separate stockpiles there's bound to be loads of these little stockpiles of drones being built so they have a lot these costs around 200 to manufacture so we're also extremely cost effective so let's hope we get to see more videos of these in use because I think they're pretty cool now that's it for this video not too.

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