Groundbreaking unmanned aircraft (UAV) EOS C VTOL

Groundbreaking unmanned aircraft (UAV) EOS C VTOL

At our research and development center in northern europe our team of exceptional engineers work tirelessly to create groundbreaking unmanned aircraft that can take on the challenges of tomorrow combining cutting-edge airframe innovative software solutions and the best sensors in the world.

All produced at our world-class manufacturing site made with lightweight composites and utilizing modern manufacturing techniques eos veto the next generation unmanned aircraft system designed to take off and land vertically.

Delivers clear and accurate imagery both day and night at unmatched ranges for over two hours from a single charge simple assembly allows for rapid deployment fast turnaround with rapid change battery packs advanced electrical propulsion ensures near silent operation and low.

Probability of detection low maintenance and extended lifetime eos vtol a truly multi-mission capable system saving lives by supporting search and rescue operations ensuring superior situational awareness in military operations.

Detecting illegal activity and protecting your borders reliable and capable ensure your success and choose eos veto by trailed systems

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