M-ACE Vehicle – C-UAS Solution

M-ACE Vehicle – C-UAS Solution

One of today's emerging threats on the battlefield is small inexpensive and can be easily purchased on the internet we're talking about unmanned aerial and ground systems commonly known as drones to counter this threat we've developed a full kill chain counter uas solution by combining three of our advanced technologies the mace system.

Bushmaster chain guns and our advanced ammunition the mace vehicle is an on the move command and control system with an open networked architecture to detect track identify and defeat targets mace empowers a single operator to manage complex engagements through the full kill chain by compressing the.

Decision cycle to identify hostile targets once a threat is identified a signal goes to a nearby bushmaster chain gun so the effectors have the exact location and tracking data for a precise defeat and when armed with our advanced ammunition bushmaster chain guns provide an unmatched level of lethality.

Rounds like the mark 310 programmable air bursting munition detonates at optimal burst points while the high explosive proximity sensing munition can sense ground and air targets combining these advanced munitions with mace and bushmaster chain guns results.

In the most reliable accurate and economical kinetic defense solution available our counter uas solution reliably addresses every aspect of the kill chain to effectively defeat ground-based drones air base drones and swarming targets.

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