NAVDEX 2023: ADSB, CMN Naval, Al Fattan, Al Seer Marine, UAE Navy

NAVDEX 2023: ADSB, CMN Naval, Al Fattan, Al Seer Marine, UAE Navy

foreign welcome to the United Arab Emirates in Abu Dhabi for navdex 2023 today we're focusing on the UAE Navy programs and local shipbuilding industry.

We are now on the booth of adsb Abu Dhabi Shield building a local shipbuilder good morning sir can you please introduce yourself of course I'm David Massey I'm the chief executive of Abu Dhabi shipbuilding welcome to adsb all right David thanks for welcoming us on your booth here at navdex 2023 uh what announcement did you make today.

Regarding the billionaire Mark II we are very pleased to be able to announce this morning that adsb will be prime contractor for a significant contract to deliver three br-71 Mark II 71 meter Corvettes plus a number of Patrol boats and ILS and Logistics support to the angolan Navy and the the value of that contract is approximately 1 billion.

Euros so as our audience probably knows the UAE Navy is an existing customer of the benona so probably the mark one they have six units in service is this uh design and evolution or based on the the current design yes it is a it's an evolution of the design it's very similar the key difference uh well there.

Are some differences of course to the bridge systems and the the radar systems but the key difference is that the vessels are supplied to Angola will operate uavs rather than a helicopter and uh last but not least can you tell us a little bit about your Shipyard or shipbuilding facility uh yes indeed adsb has a very large facility in Mustafa uh.

In Abu Dhabi we have 330 000 square meters of facility with a an 80 meter 2010 Synchro lift travel lift and the ability to dry birth 10 large vessels at any one time Wet birth six and we have I believe the largest air-conditioned composite facility in the region and when you need to expand your yard to accommodate the new shipbuilding program.

Yes adsp is going to be very busy over the next five years we will be initiating a significant capex program in the course of this year we will probably spend about 150 million Dirhams on expanding our facilities and the capacity of the yard will probably increase by around 30 percent very well thank you very much thank you.

We are now on the booth of cmn Naval who is the designer of the benona Mark II and as well as the Mark 1 already in service here in the country good morning sir can you please introduce yourself Akram Safa from cmn Naval from Business Development Good To Be With You Xavier and good to be with Naval news.

Likewise thanks for welcoming us from uh so can you please uh tell us about the the contract that's just been announced this morning at uh idex navdex 2023 this is a milestone contract for us as cm and Naval for our strategic Partners adsb an edge company but mainly for the United Arab Emirates and for the country because it's a contract which shows the.

Place of the UAE that has become a cemented hub for for the military industry and also today thanks to this contract for export for military export and through this Landmark project and contract it will be the first Naval export from the UAE to another country so we're very very proud of it and we're the design authority of the vessel which.

Is based as you know of the br71 denuna which we delivered six with Abu Dhabi building um this this design has been obviously optimized and modernized and and we're very very proud of this partnership can you just briefly tell us the main differences between Mark 1 Mark II I see it looks more stealthy it looks more.

Modern stealth stealth design that CML runs through our veins and our DNA so definitely the vessel is more more stealthy in terms of payload you know Mark one was done over 10 years ago now so uh definitely we've optimized and and come a long way since then a crime another big milestone uh for cm and Neville hero during navdex is that today.

You're launching a new landing craft can you tell us more so as an interconnected European group there's always lots going on at our different shipyards so at inshabu at cmn today if I may show you we have a 70 meter LCT that we're just putting in the water as we speak so the total payload is it's 200 tons 200 gross tons and this is back at our.

Shipyard at Shabu for the launch of the vessel so we're connected live now to cmn this is a landing Landing carrier 70 meters in length we're very proud of this delivery as well so very large ship is it the largest to date it's the largest landing craft that.

We've built and designed yes for sure we're always innovating and since we have our own in-house design team we have another model based of the same LCT that we're adapting and we're working on and this model actually came to us because of direct demand so it's based on our customers demand that we came up with this model and I believe we have a.

3D printed version that we brought with us from Shabu just for you thank you very much for the exclusivity so here we have it the LCT 70 meters with a capacity of up to two helicopters two Agusta Westlands in the back railroad capability in the front and also through the rear through the AFT and um yeah this is a 3D printer that we.

Use back at Shabu back at home so this is just one example of our latest innovation of 2023 already one of many all right Akram thank you very much for your time thank you foreign yes it's the first time actually this is like a totally in-house design and development the platform is called the.

10 meter USV the main purpose of this platform is to do surveillance we have basic navigation equipment like aradar and a camera surveillance camera and the boat should be doing all the surveillance work for Harbor protection illegal fishery and all these types of surveillance application so it can be used as amend.

So someone can go on a normal Petrol in the boat or it can be used from a ground station last but not least uh can you tell us a little bit about the automation uh the software you use and yes okay for the software we are developing an in-house software so we are using our own software and the hardware to to control.

That uh that USV uh the idea of the the whole project came that a lot of platforms are are being made for the USV to organize the missions or to to its designed specifically for this operation but it was the first time that we think that we need to make a software that will have an option to be even an Arabic language so the the end user will not.

Need to translate or anything so we will have of course the English version but we'll have both the Arabic and the English version at the same time the components of all the RF the the boards that we use is actually being done also in-house in have you started the sea trials the test and so on we made one.

Uh 1C trial and to check the range and check the the functionality of the radar and the the cameras and it was actually uh better than what we expected but still we are uh we are announcing it that it's still in the phase of a prototype thank you very much very much.

Foreign is showcasing this is for the first time a 3D printed Ant-Man surface vehicle they say took them five days to achieve this end result the USB is a 350 kilos it has a full electric population system and they will print they will print the Mast as well later on they did all this in their facility they are looking at.

Using 3D printing to speed up the production of vessel including unmanned vessels like this one foreign the UAE Navy Booth is showcasing scale models of some of its in-service ships such as the falash 2 or the benuna but also future vessels such as the scale model of the go in currently being.

Built in France actually they are at outfitting stage uh so to go in Corvette by Naval group this one comes in a pretty diff quite different configuration compared to the vessels in service with the Egyptian Navy uh the 76 millimeter main gun is in the stratus configurations so that means it.

Can Intercept in coming uh onto ship missiles uh the vertical launch systems initially they were supposed to deploy essm by Raytheon but actually this has been changed to VR Mika NG by mbda there are four uh two by four so eight in total exhausted onto ship missiles a ram launcher on top of the helicopter.

Hanger by Raytheon as well as two closing weapon systems by Australian company EOS those are 40 millimeter gun systems last but not least that's quite unique there will be two uh guided rocket launchers fitted towards the bow so forward and also systems are by a South Korean company Lig next one.

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