RT LTA demonstrates new Sky High system integrating SkyStar 120 aerostat with mini quadrotor drone

RT LTA demonstrates new Sky High system integrating SkyStar 120 aerostat with mini quadrotor drone

Rtlta systems limited designer developer and manufacturer of the sky Star Family of aerostats for use in intelligence surveillance reconnaissance and Communications applications demonstrated their new Sky High system for tactical missions the new system integrates RT Sky star 120 tactical aerostat with a mini quad.

Rotor drone installed on an ATV it is intended for use in a wide range of tactical missions including intelligence collection in both open and urban areas as well as the protection of strategic assets and Military activities including guiding interception forces the system includes a micro aerostat installed on a two-seater ATV suited for.

All-terrain conditions a day slash night camera is mounted on the aerostat which is integrated with the copterpix ER 95 mini quad rotor drone this integrated system enables scanning the area for detection identification and response covering a radius of 5 kilometers.

Modular and mobile the system can be deployed in 20 minutes under a variety of field conditions and requires only two personnel the sensors of both the aerostat's payload and the drone's payload are easily operated and managed by a single portable control unit the system enables synchronized control.

Via Wireless Communications over the aerostat and the Drone using one console even if they are located at a distance from each other the CEO of RT Rami shmueli said in light of the significant interest generated by the system that we launched at the defeat exhibition held in May of this year we recognize the need to adapt the.

System for tactical pinpoint and short-term tasks we succeeded in adapting the combined system to these types of missions in a short time thanks to the integration of the skystar 120 from our Sky star family which is already in operational use around the world

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