Russian Forces Panic! US Secretly Supplies JUMP 20 Tactical Drones to Ukraine

Russian Forces Panic! US Secretly Supplies JUMP 20 Tactical Drones to Ukraine

All right has begun producing the latest jump 20 tactical drones for Ukraine the company's CDO Wahid nawabi said the drones the company's most advanced technology will be sent to the Ukrainian Armed Forces as soon as the government is ready jump 20 uas built by erovirement the.

Jump 20 was selected by the U.S army last year for testing to see if it can replace the rq7 shadow a fixed Wing system designed for vertical takeoff and Landing the company claims a 14 plus hour endurance rate and an operational range of 115 miles the system comes with 30 pounds of payload space which the company markets as.

Multifunctional the company is preparing to send an order to Ukraine for even more powerful drones which have become the company's most advanced technology jump 20 drones company says they're not just carrying out the orders of the American government helping Ukraine is a special mission in overthrowing authoritarianism.

And here they will do everything possible to contribute to Victory Ukraine is asking to increase the number of drones in the aid package to the maximum the company has already sent more than a thousand switchblades and other puma-type drones to Ukraine by order of the US government.

The company's General director Wahid nawabi says that switchblade kamikaz drones are one example of how inexpensive mobile but thoughtful weapons can stand up to large armies the war in Ukraine is the most incredible example of how a much smaller country or military Forest can find a superpower.

First is the spirit of the people of course but the second is the weapons and resources they have to accomplish the mission namely smaller systems which are so effective in terms of cost and flexibility and adapted for a major conflict with one of the world's three superpowers Ukraine has proven to the.

World that it can win notes the jump 20 is a vertical takeoff and Landing uncrewed aerial vehicle with four other electric motors and horizontally arranged propellers on two additional beams the Ukrainian Analytical Group militarnia reported the Drone is designed like an airplane with a nose piston engine and a propeller.

For context that's an almost 440 increase on the 5.9 billion dollars Ukraine spent on its military in 2021 for estimates from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute however while Ukraine has been prosperous beyond what almost anyone in the west assumed when Russia launched its Invasion the future of the conflict.

Is viewed by many as a likely long drawn out Stanley that will require America and its allies to continue spending significant funds to support kive the U.S has declined to send Ukraine more sophisticated longer-range drones such as the Great Eagle and Reaper which would give Ukraine a longer distance strike capability.

Some officials are concerned about Russia gaining access to such advanced technology if one were shot down Russia and Ukraine reportedly use small commercially available drones for surveillance and in some cases to attack military targets in a statement to Mark the war's first anniversary defense secretary Lloyd.

Austin said that under the Biden Administration the U.S had committed more than 32 billion dollars in game-changing security assistance to Ukraine America's allies he said have committed 20 billion dollars in security assistance to Ukraine difficult times May lie ahead but let us remain clear-eyed about what is at stake.

In Ukraine Austin said and let us remain United in purpose and inaction and steadfast in our commitment to ensure that a world of rules and rights is not replaced by one of tyranny and turmoil 20 drone has a maximum takeoff weight of 975 kilograms a payload weight of 136 kilograms a length of 29 meters and a wingspan of 57 meters according to the.

Military the Drone can operate for 14 hours in a row the operational range of the jump 20 is up to 185 kilometers it can reach a height of 5 100 meters increment 1 entails testing and Fielding gmp20 medium uncrewed aircraft on an accelerated schedule as it competes to become the U.S Army's ftus of choice the GMP 20 vertical takeoff and Landing VTOL.

Runway independent medium unmanned aircraft system provides intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance ISR services with increased maneuverability and improved command and control their environment Incorporated NASDAQ avav a global leader in intelligent multi-domain robotic systems today announced it received an other.

Transaction agreement award by the United States Army on August 18 2022 for increment one of the future tactical unmanned aircraft System ftuas Program the contract encompasses purchasing testing and delivering one gum Pier 20 medium unmanned aircraft system and the US to a selected Army Brigade combat team BCT and Associated Services.

Training and support with increment one of the ftuas program the Army will be testing and Fielding the gym mp20 on an accelerated schedule as they seek a replacement for the rq-7b shadow us currently fielded in Brigade combat teams said Gore cossipian aerovironment vice president and product line general manager for mus.

The combat proven gmp20 is a rapidly Deployable Runway independent vertical takeoff and Landing solution for the Army its ability to be deployed operated and sustained from anywhere is a game changer in theater and in situations where the enemy has invaded or destroyed infrastructure the Aero environment jump P20 is the.

First fixed-wing unmanned aircon system capable of vertical takeoff and Landing VTOL to be deployed extensively to support U.S military forces ideal for multi-mission operations jewfp20 delivers 14 plus hours of endurance a standard operational range of 115 miles 185 kilometers and is Runway independent.

The system can be set up and operational in less than 60 Minutes without the need for launch or recovery equipment and has a usable payload capacity of up to 30 pounds 13.6 kilograms the jump v20 also features a standard autopilot and ground control system architecture providing a highly customizable modular platform that could.

Be custom configured to meet operational or customer requirements all right foreign

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