SeaTrac Systems SP 48 USV, BIS 2021 Flashtalk

SeaTrac Systems SP 48 USV, BIS 2021 Flashtalk

Hello and a warm welcome to the blue innovation symposium 2021 sea track flash talk my name is alessandra bianchi and i'm happy to be here today to tell you a little bit about c-trak systems a manufacturer of uncrewed surface vehicles.

Based in marblehead massachusetts we really appreciate the time toby and for your hosting of your wonderful blue innovation symposium some of you may remember us from previous gatherings and for those who are new we thank you for tuning in ctrac manufactures sells and rents customizable.

Uncrewed surface vehicles that perform real-time data collection and communications in all marine environments for commercial scientific and defense applications our solar powered 4.8 meter sp-48 can autonomously operate continuously over long durations.

Reducing the risks and costs for marine data collection getting any data out of the ocean is notoriously challenging more often than not the process is dirty dull dangerous and expensive c-trac addresses this problem with its solar-powered sensor agnostic ocean sensing platform.

Operating at the surface the sp-48 acts as a bridge collecting data from the bottom of the sea all the way up to satellites in space compared to traditional platforms and alternate usbs the c-trac sp 48 is designed to be easier.

More powerful more versatile in near-shore and open ocean and more cost-effective let's take a look at a short introduction video when a problem is approached in a new way complexities vast as the ocean becomes simple solutions introducing the c-trac.

Sp48 your reliable cost-effective simple usb solution designed with ease of use in mind the craft can be launched and retrieved by ramp or crane intuitive control modes give you a range of options from 100 manual via handheld remote to pre-programmed missions far beyond.

The horizon remote missions can be set up using our intuitive dashboard and with multiple communication options data is transmitted in real time from any location to any location and provides the operator with key situational awareness now with the sp-48 month-long trips in.

Hazardous seas are no longer cost prohibitive or a threat to human life the sp-48 monohull design features a self-writing heel and a brushless electric motor solar panels and ample batteries gather and store energy enabling the craft to run.

Continuously without the need for wind or waves for propulsion being a sensor agnostic platform with a moon pool and ample payload capacity makes customizing your vessel simple and with a top speed of 5 knots the sp-48 is your go-to platform for any marine operation.

Powerful data formerly scattered in the vast and dangerous ocean can now be harnessed with the sea track sp-48 contact us today for more information see track the next wave of uncrewed surface vehicles with its large payload capacity and ample power.

The sp-48 platform enables the use of best-in-class combinations of payloads including high-powered sensors during any one mission on the slide are some of the many applications that can be conducted with the ctrac sp 48 our ask is to source worldwide customers.

And resellers and technology partnerships thank you so much for watching and thank you again blue innovation symposium for this opportunity please contact ctrac to discuss your trial and mission needs we look forward to working with you

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