TB3 Bayraktar drone Turkey | How it works #drones #tb3 #aircraftcarrier

TB3 Bayraktar drone Turkey | How it works #drones #tb3 #aircraftcarrier

Thank you when the f-35b and other military drones were banned for export to Turkey because of the fact that the Russian s 400 missile was introduced as its primary air defense system the Turkish Engineers decided to capitalize on this band and bet on creating their own drones.

The result is the tb2 as well as the upgraded version of the tb3 this will provide turkey's lighting TCG on a dolu amphibious assault ship with operational offensive air power the Drone will be launched from an amphibious assault ship of the Turkish navy that can be configured as a stoval or short takeoff and vertical Landing.

Aircraft carrier we will also discuss the basic step-by-step process of how this could be launched as well as its weapon system and how it operates so please stay tuned till the end for now let us look at the basic differences between the tb3 and tb2 the tb3 is reportedly using the new PB.

222 St while many of the tb2 uses the rotax engine which was discontinued because of the banned from military export also keeping in mind the tb3 can switch the High Altitude pd-170 engine depending on the type of land or sea base takeoff this engine generates a maximum speed of.

Around 300 kilometer per hour while the cruising speed is around 232 kilometers per hour Beaver actor tb3 has a wingspan of 14 meters and 2.6 meter high while the tb2 has a wingspan of around 12 meters the tp3 has been engineered with folding wings for aircraft storage and Landing deck while the tb2 wings are fixed which.

Were meant for only land Pace operations let us look at the weight differences the tp3 has a takeoff weight of 1450 kilograms while the tb2 weighs around 850 kilograms but first we have to be honest with you the TCG ad dolu aircraft carrier is still under development so take these information as a grain of salt.

Let us see how this works step number one the tb3 can be elevated to its Flight Deck from two platforms this is the first platform where the first he3 could be launched let's move to the rear of the ships this is the re-engineered elevator deck where the second tb3 attack drone could be brought from below the hangar.

This enables the TC Gana dolu to work with 30 to 50 bare actor tb3 depending on the configuration the two elevator platform enables the aircraft carrier to launch drones every 5 to 10 minutes step number two the Drone positions itself from this point of the aircraft carrier to set up itself for launch for ski jump technique.

This strategy requires less energy as well as maintenance which is perfect for a drone as light as this one step number three it could be controlled by the sacramentina the upgraded Bay Rector tb3 can be operated from very remote distances thanks to its line of sight and Beyond line of sight Communications.

Capabilities which is controlled to one of these two towers from the aircraft carriers step number four let us look at its weapon system it can carry 4 GPS or laser-guided bomb this is the man L laser guided bomb with a range of 15 kilometer this missile is used for main battle.

Tanks and heavily armored vehicles they have no active motor to propel it which gives them more room for the Warhead as they rely only on GPS as well as laser Guided by the tb3 uadv this is the rocket Sandman C lightweight smart micro munition provides High strike Precision against static and mobile targets mainly armor and light.

Armored vehicle it has a range of around eight kilometer for moving targets laser guided bombs are preferably used now let us look at how this works as explained this is a semi-active laser inertial mid-course navigation system the tp3 laser points at Target and then the mam L is dropped and.

Follows the path of the laser using the laser Seeker the man L switches from laser to inertial mid-course navigation system if the weather is bad but it has its own disadvantage as it cannot be deployed against moving Target but works best against Giants bunkers and Command Post let's see what's inside these covers.

This is the power distribution system of the tb3 that supplies power to all other avionics and checks their status controls alternators and batteries as well now these are the mission control multiple communication that is responsible for the connected avionics and ensure payload operation.

This is the brain of the tb3 flight control system which is the most crucial component of an unmanned aerial vehicle platform for land Pace operation we have made a step-by-step video of how it works with a tb2 drone its operation are almost similar to the tb3 so check that out for more videos support us by Smashing.

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