Teal 2 sUAS Overview Video

Teal 2 sUAS Overview Video

Foreign having a single operator at the table that's like four drums at a time have them autonomously survey this really wide area they can have a 3D map of that Target in a few minutes data from new Limitless number of sensors fuse all of that into the same resulting three-dimensional model and tell you hey.

There's a guy with a weapon or there's a group of troops at this location you can really think of teal drones as like a smartphone they are these very powerful Hardware devices with a software layer above them that enables new apps and use cases never before possible with drones we're very excited about our Partnerships with Tomahawk robotics.

Fleer and others to really start building out this whole stack of capabilities Tomahawk builds this amazing Hardware controller that warfighters love and reveal builds this awesome app that enables near real-time 2D and 3D photogrammetry it's software that automates the generation of three-dimensional data from.

Two-dimensional data we're very excited about Athena they open up artificial intelligence so whatever you train objects on such as tanks of people with weapons you can add that to your existing ecosystem on your aircraft even if you don't have GPS you can fly intelligent Missions at night so in partnership with clear we're using a.

Very high resolution thermal sensor that enables full nighttime operation and long range detection just with cameras that can work in low light and low light conditions we're going to dominate the night with our new bird one of the best features of teal drones is that they're modular so this has two really big benefits one is if you buy a teal drone.

And it breaks you can fix it yourself and two our drones can upgrade over time not just through software and new apps but new hardware as well new sensors high resolution payloads and you can swap it out really easily we literally just purchased 25 000 square foot brand new facility that houses all our manufacturing production engineering r d.

I think what our secret sauce is Believe It or Not is having a factory that can build drones here and now it enables you to have better quality control and it's blue listed meaning made and manufactured in the United States we're able to design our products for manufacturing able to scale them with high quality High reliability we have.

Everything we need to give the Army a drone they want in the long term teal and Visions bringing our technology back into Enterprise and Commercial markets Public Safety search and rescue use cases for police for fire infrastructure inspections between our timing our team our resources and ability to manufacture I think Teal's Best in Class.


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